Where we started:

      Laura: From the time I was young I loved dogs. Wanting to be a vet, I had books on different breeds and training. By the time I was in college I was more interested in pursing a degree in set design. Luckily (although I didn't realize at the time) costume classes were mandatory for all theater students. This is where I learned to sew. I started making bandanas just for my own dogs Avalanche & Moose. Then friends started asking me to make them for their dogs.

       To help put myself through college I started a dog walking and sitting. After getting my degree and moving to another state I continued to dog walk as well as pet sit. If I wasn't dog sitting, I was most likely fostering. When you spend as much time as I do walking dogs,  you go through a lot of collars and leashes. Even the ones that claimed to be "the last leash you'll ever buy" just we're cutting it. Luckily I knew someone who could make some pretty kick-ass paracord leashes. 

         Lauren: A few years ago I started making

leashes for my dogs. When you have three Australian Shepherds and a Catahoula you go through A LOT of leashes. It was getting to expensive to keep buying leashes that just didn't last. Over time and testing by the tug team, I found what worked and what didn't. Know I really have the last leash I'll ever need! 

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