Rainy day Activites for Dogs

When we're stuck inside too long, we can get restless. It's the same dogs, but more so since they can't read books or watch tv. With cold and rainy days ahead, its time to get some games ready.


Teach a new trick such as shake, lay dog, roll over. Have them learn to stay and come when called; not only will this keep them busy in the winter, but will be helpful while hiking in the warmer months.

Hide & Seek

Now that your dog knows stay, tell him to wait while you hid then have him come find you. This requires him to use his nose and ears to figure out where you went. Celebrate with lots of kisses when he find you!

Food Finding

People have used dogs for hunting, bomb sniffing and search and rescue. While there are specific breeds that are best for this, all dogs have natural hunting instincts. Make your dog wait in another room while you hide treats. This will fulfill her natural instinct of finding food. Keep track of where you put the treats and make sure your dog find them all!

Puzzle Games

Placing treats all over your house can lead to insects or rodents. There are countless alternative that keep treats in one location:

Snuffle Matts

Dogs use their nose to dig through the fabric to find treats

Water Bottle Treat Dispenser

This game takes dogs a while to figure out and keeps them busy for quite a while.

Muffin Tin

Place treats in each or a few of the holes and cover them with balls.

Take a Trip

Go somewhere dog friendly such a a pet store, Home Depot, the bank. This is the perfect opportunity to work on manners, socialization and be able to stretch the legs.

Rainy days may seems like a bummer, but they're the perfect opportunity to bond with your dog and teach an ol' dog new tricks.

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